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Entry 5, Saving The Three Kings

Title: Saving The Three Kings
Entry Number: 05
Author: rsn_studios
Fandom: Original Fiction
Rating: PG
Genre: alternate history
Spoiler Warnings:
Word Count: 1211

Saving The Three Kings

February 21, 1965
Audubon Ballroom
Manhattan, New York City, New York

Cecil Rowley sat with two Glock pistols and the trigger for the time portal device in his pockets, waiting for the moment when he would spring into action. He sat in the front row, but through the ocular implant in his eye, he was looking behind him through devices implanted inside the buttons of his coat and suit. He spotted the men that he knew he would have to take out when they decided to make their move.
Malcolm X strode to the stage, and Cecil thought that the great black leader knew that he was doomed, because he seemed to have a haunted look on his face. Carefully, the agent dismissed that and refocused on the moment at hand, and as Malcolm began to speak, the three men whom he was charged with dispatching looked suspicious. The bodyguards didn't know what was up, but they didn't have the benefit of coming from the past like Cecil had, and having known of what was about to take place, the agent made himself ready.
“Get your hand out of my pocket!” someone shouted, and a disturbance broke out, with the bodyguards converging on the person shouting. Cecil saw the man with a sawed-off shotgun rush the stage, and, with practiced precision, the agent pulled out his Glock and shot the attempted assassin in the back of the head, killing him instantly.
The two other would be assassins were momentarily perplexed by this, and instead of shooting Malcolm, tried to turn their own semi-automatic handguns on him. However, Cecil beat them before they could even pull the trigger, and soon the two men were down themselves, with bullet holes inside their temples. Cecil momentarily turned to Malcolm X, who looked at him in absolute shock, then made a hasty getaway, with the emerging chaos of the room giving him a chance to escape.
He found a washroom and dashed inside a stall, then hit the button to take him back...

April 4, 1968
Outside the Lorraine Motel
Memphis Tennessee

Cecil had spotted where James Earl Ray was set up, and waited calmly for the man to attempt to kill one of the prominent civil rights leaders in America. Of course, in real time, he had succeeded, but after stopping the killing of Malcolm X, Cecil had been surprised at what little difference it made in the time line Sure, the Nation of Islam suffering from an internal civil war between Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, but Cecil knew from his information that Malcolm X would eventually win out, with him assuming leadership with Elijah Muhammad fled to Sudan. However, it hadn't made much of a difference as the events unfolded pretty much as they had in the original time line
The door to Dr. Martin Luther King's motel room opened up and the leader emerged from it, flanked by his entourage. Cecil saw that Ray was preparing to shoot, and just before the white man was about to pull the trigger, the agent pulled his own trigger from his silenced sniped rifle. King and his group were none to the wiser as to what happened to Ray, and soon were on their way. Ray lay slumped in the window, and Cecil soon made his way down the sidewalk.
Just as he was hearing someone shout in the distance for the police, he turned down an empty alley, hit the device, and soon was back in his lab...

June 4, 1968
Outside the Ambassador Hotel
Los Angeles, California

Cecil didn't want to take the risk of being discovered, so he killed Sirhan Sirhan in the would be assassin's apartment before he could make his move. Instead of a bullet, the agent had strangled the man in his own bed, never seeing the man who killed him as he had turned on his side when Cecil struck the mortal blow. With calm efficiency, Cecil made his way out of the apartment and towards the hotel.
He had found a way to forge a press credential, so he was in the kitchen area with the other media as Robert Kennedy made his way from the Embassy Ballroom after his victory speech. The Massachusetts senator had just won the California primary and looked to be the likely candidate of the Democratic party for the presidency. Cecil's job was to make sure that no one else killed the brother of the late president, and as he pretended to pepper Bobby Kennedy with questions, his ocular implant searched for any potential assassins.
Fortunately, none were to be seen, and soon Kennedy and his wife were safely away in their limo, along with the other cars in the caravan. The reporters scurried away to file their stories, but Cecil went down the street to find a empty washroom.
Before he made his way back, he stopped and got a meal at a greasy spoon just down the road. It wasn't anything special, but it filled him up, which served the purpose. After leaving a tip and paying his bill, he made his way back to the washroom, but had to wait for a cop to get done taking a dump before he could do what he had to do.
Once the cop left, Cecil endured the smell of what the cop had deposited into the toilet, then hit the trigger on the device...

January 20, 1985
The White House
The East Room

Dr. King and his wife were walking side by side with the outgoing president, Teddy Kennedy and his wife Joanna, and Cecil was watching it all alongside the other White House staffers. He spotted Robert Kennedy and his wife following behind at a respectful distance, because today was the day that Martin Luther King was to become the first black president in American history, and the thirty-seventh president didn't want to take any attention away from the man who was about to become the thirty-ninth.
Cecil didn't need to do anything today to keep King safe, as he had seen that no one assassinated him on this, or any day, of his presidency. The Democrats would stay in control for another sixteen years, until Vietnam veteran John McCain broke the forty year White House winning streak by upsetting Al Gore in the presidential election.
America was much better than it had been in the previous time, though not without its faults. Race relations were still not perfect, but Robert Kennedy's presidency helped heal a lot of rifts, especially after getting America out of Vietnam by 1970. The feared spread of communism never came, as Teddy Kennedy convinced the Soviets to scale back the arms race. King was there when Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the USSR, and things pretty much went the way they had in real time.
No one knew this, of course, as King took the oath inside the Capital Centre, because it had been too cold to do it on the Capitol. Cecil slowly made his way to a bathroom as the others were glued to the TV to watch this historic moment. Thankfully, he was alone inside, and soon he pressed the trigger on the device, sending him back from where he came...


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